What I Shoot With

Yo! Lets talk equipment….

I’ma walk you through the gear I used to use and the gear I use now! 

*Disclaimer* this isn’t a formal post or review, im not posting camera specs , just sayin what I gotta say about my equipment :p

Lets start with my  basic ass set up when I first started lmfao. 

The Sony Hx9v

 This little cam was dope af! Perfect for travel and learning some basics of photography. This little booger had the option to shoot manual, which helped me get familiar with how shutter speed, f stop and iso all worked together. The Camera had 16mp, perfect for some clean imagery although it didnt shoot RAW , the jpegs were pretty decent! This little beast also had 1080p video with the option of shooting at 24fps, 30fps, or even 60fps if you ever need slow mo! This thing also had decent audio which would have been perfect to use back then for vlogs and reviews for youtube. I woulda killed the vlog game back then if I knew that was a thing lmfao! 

*I might do a photo challenge with this camera soon just to see how I would do now with it ahah stay tuned*

If your looking for a pocketable travel point and shoot that is similar to this but up to date and hella upgraded check this one out! 

The Sony RX100

I’d say this is one of the best travel/vlog cameras on the market right now.  Its got a 20mp sensor with the ability to shoot 4k. Good enough for me ahah!   If you need something more rugged and want to attach all kinds of lenses too but keep things compact , get the Sony A6300 or the newer Sony A6500. Both straight kill the game in the photo and video worlds with 24.2 mp photos and 4k video with slog features. The auto focus on these are also fast af with native lenses. So get on it and get one of these , you will not regret it!

Next is …

The Canon T4i ,  Sigma 30mm F1.4 , Sigma 50mm 1.4

This was my badass combo breaker when I decided I was gonna move forward in the photography world.

The Canon T4i was pretty chill . It had an 18mp sensor which was perfect for street shooting and a lil bit of lifestyle/fashion work. Definitely a step up from the Sony I had now that I had the option to shoot RAW. This camera coupled with the Sigma 30mm 1.4  and the Sigma 50mm 1.4 produce cleannnnnnn images , giving me pretty much a 50mm and 80ish mm on the apsc sensor and producing buttery bokeh at F1.4. I started diving into more studio work and messing with lighting. I shot this doooope image with my Canon T4i with its stock 18-55mm Lens!

I would hella recommend this camera and lens set up to anyone who is jumping into photography as a beginner. Super easy to use , has touch screen and produces amazing results.

Now if youre looking for something more up to date or a bit more robust. Here are some other dope cams in that range !

Canon T7i , Canon 80D, Canon 6D

If you are ballin and want to start off with some fresh gear , get one of those ^^^!

Now, Finallly…. I guess you can say I made the move to the “pro level” on the next Camera ! 

The Canon 5D Mark III , Canon 24-70 f.2.8, Canon 85mm f1.2, Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro, Glidecam HD 2000

This setup was my work horse setup ahaha. Literally did everything with this ! From event photos/video to portraits/headshots to product photography/lookbook shoots, high fashion, editorials, wedding films……. and the list goes on! Not one complaint about this gear setup. If you are diving into the professional world , these are pretty much going to have you set ! And if you’re into getting the lastest and greatest and are rich af,  I’d check into this cameras for sure!

Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 5DS, Canon 5DSR

And Finally My Current Setup!

The Nikon D810, Nikon 50mm 1.8 , Nikkor 24mm AIS 

Yes, I made the switch to the dark side lmfao…. Just to clear things up I dont care about brands, all cameras are just tools to create. SO before yall start talking ish bout what I am shooting now lol worry bout your tools and not your brands. Reason why I made the switch was to simply to try a new system aha. I love my Canon cameras but it was time for me to work with some dynamic range and the Nikon D810 is the holy grail of dynamic range. 14.8 stops boiiiii!  I will say Nikons ergonomics and menu systems are wack but the Color Depth, IQ, and Dynamic Range are next level even tho this is an older camera. Im able to play around with the RAWs a lot more than Canons RAWs. The D810 doesn’t have the AA filter that most DSLRS have which has been a major plus. It produces super sharp images even with the cheap ass lenses I got ahah.  This cam also shoots 1080p at 60fps , perfect for run and gun work and to have the ability to slow your footage down a bit. I have no purpose to shoot 4k at the moment so this cam works great for me. 

I will be posting photos to show each camera off . Just wanted to write this up for my peeps looking into camera gear!

Overall , I just wanted to keep yall posted on what I have used and am using currently. I do suggest not getting toooo stressed out on specs. Right now, a lot of cameras produce cleeeean photos. So just pick one that you are vibing with and start creating!